Romani Week 2015


Coventry University’s School of Art and Design and C-DaRE hosted its weeklong festival, April 27 – May 1 2015. The Romani Week was launched by the celebrated film maker Jasmine Dellal, who influenced perceptions worldwide with her film,When the road bends: Tales of a Gypsy Caravan, winning numerous awards. Coventry University students eagerly anticipated the Coventry Conversation delivered by Ramón Flores, President of the Council of Europe’s Forum for Romani Youth Program (FERYP). Ramón made a special visit from Seville to talk about his work with the European Commission and the Romani community. Professor Margaret Greenfields from BUCKS University, joined the week to discuss health and social care engagement and ways to improve the situation for the G/R/T community.  A list of her academic writing can be found here: Dr. Amalia Sabiescu delivered two talks- one which offered insights from the RICHES European project research: how the Romani community is finding ways to preserve and express its unique identity at a time of cultural change and how the arts, culture and technology can be used as bridges towards intercultural communication and dialogue, and the other on participatory research methods and her work with the Romani Community in Romania.

Romani Week offered the City of Coventry an exciting programme of dance, music, talks and film screenings, and culminated in a spectacular Gala “OPRE ROMA” at CU’s Lanchester Gallery on Thursday April 30th, 2015.  The Gala included artists from the West Midlands: Lakshmi Srinivasan, Irene Sanchez, Trish Martin, Natasha Adomako and musician Dave Smith. Hannah Greyson-Gaito’s  “Conversations”, a performance-installation which was centered around building and creating community through the use of music, movement, paper cranes, text, drawings and other visual aids, was the central component of the week. The work was featured at CU’s Lanchester Gallery and was the springboard for many discussions.