The Dance Fields Postgraduate Un-Symposium

The event is designed as an informal event to share research and ideas, ‘network’, and engage in dialogue and discussion through a series of one to two hour sessions. Drawing on the themes of the Dance Fields—Staking A Claim for Dance Studies in the 21st Century conference to be hosted at Roehampton University April 19th-22nd 2017, the un-symposium hopes to open up possibilities for collaborative submissions to the Dance Fields conference as well as spark collaborative working practices, reading groups etc. for the future.

What is an Un-Symposium?

The ‘un-symposium’ is an informal symposium that shifts away from traditional paper-based format and toward collaborate and active participation in allotted sessions. There are no presentations as such, rather delegates propose a seed of an idea or enquiry to pursue collectively in workshop sessions (movement-based, technology-based etc.), group discussions, or alternatively proposed formats. Unlike more traditional symposium formats, there is no chair or presenter leading the sessions per se but all participants are expected to share, talk, and work with fellow participants.

To expand the scope of the sessions proposed, we ask that proposals include a list of 3-5 keys words that identify interest in, or possible connections to other strands of the conference themes (below), or other lines of enquiry than that proposed. For example, a proposal that wishes to examine the boundaries of the performative and the writerly might identify an interest in connecting to themes of corporeality and the virtual, or digital technology. PGR students from the three hosting universities will use these key words to curate sessions to encourage collaborative working in advance of the symposium.

In the weeks prior to the un-symposium, information about the sessions will be posted on a communal Slack channel ( where conversation and dialogue can already commence. The Slack Channel is a space where suggested texts, ideas, provocations might be posted enabling familiarisation and contextualise the ideas proposed.

Film of the event was made by RosaSenCis Film Production Company. More info can be found here.