Page Hall Smiles-Online Festival

Page Hall Smiles aims to bring together Roma and non-Roma to co-create a short film, images and a digital scrapbook exhibition that focuses on the experiences, identity and voices of the people from Page Hall told by the residents themselves. The film and exhibition will then be shared with relevant stakeholders and the wider community to foster closer links and challenge stereotypes. Through celebrating culture using the arts (dance, music, dresses), change is possible and a collaborative and caring mode of working is possible. Engaging women and vulnerable adults, life-long learning principles will be applied and the participants will also gain a new set of skills that align with encouraging digital literacy. 

Some ideas on ways to get involved:

Build digital scrapbooks with residents from Page Hall

Colouring face masks

Singing and Dancing, cooking, etc…

Saying Hello in different Languages…

Photo exhibition in the park of dresses

Send me films and I will put online for the 2021 festival!!!

Partners include:

Sheffield City Council, Terezia Rostas from CYPF, Gulnaz Hussain and Tomas Tancos from Firvale Community Hub.