Roma: Recycle-Reuse-Reimagine

Roma:Recycle-Reuse-Reimagine is a project that brings together Roma and non-Roma to work together to create a children’s book that can be shared with services and classrooms that are not culturally aware and sensitive of the Roma community. At the same time, young vulnerable Roma  and their family members will come together in three facilitated workshops  (online or presencial) and decorate recycling bins, discuss the environment and climate justice back home and now in the UK, and brainstorm the ideas/drawings for the children’s book. 

A Common Ground commission by Season for Change, a nationwide programme of artistic and cultural events that celebrate the environment and inspire urgent climate action. Led by Julie’s Bicycle and Artsadmin, and supported by Arts Council England and Paul Hamlyn #SeasonforChange @jointheseason_

Other collaborators include:

Terezia Rostas from CYFP and Raluca Maria Polodeanu from ReelMaster Productions.