Yellow Couch Conversations- Podcast Series

ERIAC podcast – Digital Conversations is a 3-month initiative to create, curate and disseminate a Roma Cultural Heritage podcast series with influential, grassroots and cultural heritage sector individuals and institutions. The key stakeholders include artists, dancers, curators, musicians, writers, poets among others that consider themselves and self-identify as member of the CH and ICH ecology. This project is part of the Digital Innovation Programme.

“Yellow Couch Convos” honours storytelling and oral history traditions and modernizes it. I envisage sub categories that are feeding into thematic collections. The two-pronged approach of curating and generating content and disseminating to Roma and non-Roma, educates, promotes and celebrates the communities’ arts and culture. This pilot project is also a form of collective and creative activism where the micro pieces feed the larger components that support the broader ERIAC long-term goals of educating and raising awareness.