Films/Productions-General overview

During my undergraduate degree at UW-Madison Dance Department the department included the INTER-ARTS and Technology degree. At the time, dancers worked closely with Douglas Rosenberg  and were trained in dance for camera techniques. This exposure led me to explore dance films and shorts which led to a series of collaborations with numerous artists and production companies. I am excited to share that I am in the final stages of completing my first documentary “Behind the Flamenco Dress: an Interview with Adela Olmos” which was directed, edited and produced by: Rosamaria K. Cisneros and includes subtitles by Irene Sanchez (2016), won best Documentary from the UK at the Summer edition Euro Film Festival in 2016. My dance short film, “Saeta: The Mourning” screened in October 2016 at the Open Arts Film Festival in Germany.  Also,  I am in the process of setting up my Film Production Company- RosaSenCis Films.


  • Sasha Productions: Dancer in Documentary on Flamenco History (2005).
  • “Ebb & Flow” – Dance Short Co-directed with Colleen Janssen (2005).
  • “Breath in”– Dance Short Directed, Edited and Produced by: Rosamaria K. Cisneros (2005).
  • UW-Madison ipod Commercial for JPR Productions: Dancer (2006).
  • “a picture is worth 21 years…”– Short film Directed, Edited and Produced by: Rosamaria K. Cisneros (2006).
  • “Adventure”– Dance Short- Directed, Edited and Produced by: Rosamaria K. Cisneros (2007).
  • WISC Public Television– Interview by Alex Gillis re: Gypsies and Flamenco (2008). UW-Madison School of Education Alumni Video (2012).
  • cBBC “Marrying Mum and Dad” Guest Flamenco Dancer Season 2,Episode 10 (2013).
  • Cloud Dance Festival- Video Short with Anoinette Marshall. http://
    Cisneros Dance Short from Rosamaria E. Kostic Cisneros on Vimeo.
  • Conflict Festival Dance Interview Video: PMP Productions (2014).
  • Flamenko Coventry Festival-“Behind the Flamenco Dress: An Interview with Adela Olmos” Directed, Edited and Produced by: Rosamaria K. Cisneros and subtitles by Irene Sanchez (2016).
  • Saeta: The Mourning– Directed  By: Koko Zin and Rosamaria K. Cisneros  Post Production Editing: David Ajiri and Music By: David Sherriff