Teaching General Overview

I have over two decades of teaching experience. I have taught throughout Europe and the U.S. at places like UW-Madison, UIUC, Boston Conservatory, Brown University and at various other places in Germany, Spain and Turkey. I am a dance historian and critic, Roma scholar, Flamenco historian and peace activist  and have taught a variety of these courses in Higher Education, as well as worked in various socio-economic environments with a diverse student body.

My pedagogical approach and methodology follows the progressive frameworks of John Dewey and Paulo Freire while using my Four P’s (Passion and Patience) (Presence and Practice). The theoretical sides of my career and research not only inform the practical sides of my dance training, but also influence my choreography and approach to studying and training within the dance world. I am always finding a way to bridge both worlds.

Through my collaboration with University of Barcelona’s CREA and learning from  Dr. Ramon Flecha I have learned  about Successful Educational Actions and Dialogic Teaching principles and embedded these theories into my teaching and research interests. Working alongside such a dynamic, passionate, progressive and humble group of researchers at CREA has transformed my life.


  • Skilled in aspects of classroom operations, evaluation of students progress, coordination with faculty, parents, and administration, facilitation of positive learning environments and related administrative duties.
  • Have communication skills demonstrated through design of classroom presentations and lectures, as well as creating unique lesson plans
  • Experienced in diverse educational settings, working with students from all learning levels and socioeconomic backgrounds
  • Committed to teaching to meet individual student needs, and keeping parents/office informed of student  progress.
  • Offer ideas and materials to continue the educational process in the home.
  • Successfully completed Graduate classes on the following topics: Peace Education, John Dewey Democratic Education, Cognitive Psychology, Curriculum and Instruction Development, Secondary Education Curriculum Development, Dance Pedagogy and Experiential Education Seminar.
  • Have completed professional development dance courses in: Inclusive Dance Practice, Teaching Flamenco, STRIVE Training Working with Vulnerable Groups, Dance Writing Workshops with English National Ballet Developing your Group as young leaders, Teaching Technique and Differentiation, Circle Dancing for Dementia and Using Dance across the Curriculum.